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Michelle Marie Sawtell

is the Owner & Founder of Sound Goddess Healing and Sound Goddess Healing Creations.


Growing up as an intuitive empath, it wasn’t until adulthood that Michelle realized her extreme sensitivity, kindness and compassion were gifts that paved the way for her soul purpose. A born natural, Michelle has been singing and performing since the age of two. Music has always been a major part of her life and is her true passion.


Inspired by her own healing journey, Michelle combines the power of energy healing, alchemy crystal singing bowls and powerful vocals to create a transformative and transcendent healing experience. 

Sound, music and chanting have been used for thousands of years around the world to heal and rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit. Sound Healing is based on the scientific principles that all matter including the cells in your body, vibrate to a precise frequency when healthy and to a dissonant frequency when diseased. Sound healing provides the required maintenance needed for restoring the human resonance back to the perfected pattern of health and wellness.

When Michelle is not performing and writing music, she is capturing photos of the beauty around her and creating Soul Jewelry for her Sound Goddess Healing Creations line. It brings Michelle much joy and deep gratitude to share her gifts with the world. 

Michelle is a Master Sound Healer & Vocal Alchemist, Master Energy Healer, Performance & Recording Artist, Singer-Songwriter, Soul Jewelry Designer and Photographer Based in Boston MA. 

For more music by Michelle visit www.michellemariemusic.com